Far West and Sugar Bowl Academy Time Trial Showdown

A post from Wyatt Fereday, Far West XC Elite Team Member, and Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab sponsored athlete…

The Far West Elite did a time trial with Sugar Bowl Academy junior Nordic ski team. It started on a slight downhill and went about a kilometer on the flats before claiming a steep 400m climb at a constant grade of about 10% to the finish. It takes anywhere between 8 and 12 minutes.

This video is a great example of using the upper body and core together. Notice that tempo increases as the hill steepens. Also, getting the hands and hips high at the start of each pole is essential for using gravity to one’s advantage – essentially falling onto the poles with gravity providing free energy. This one was a burner!

The race was actually in October (hence the scant clothing). The Juniors did great, and we even had one master skier join in. A true Far West ski community event!