Melinda’s MoJo

Donner-Summit-She-Women1For our ride today we wanted an alternative to going up Lincoln and the frontage roads to Applegate.

We found off the beaten path roads – ended up going through Christian Valley and up and down on the hills in Meadow Vista for a total of 28 miles and 2500 feet of climbing.  We took it slow – so it took a little over 2.5 hours.  In the past on rides like this with my husband Alan, I usually end up feeling frustrated and tired and start whining and it all ends up to be a death march. It was the total opposite of that today!  Alan showed me the route and I agreed to it. I decided to let myself feel strong when climbing, but on some of the steeper ones, just going slow and steady.  I kept thinking about my training group compadre, Barbara and her excitement for being on the bike and allowed that energy to take over. Taking in the views of a new route and the great day outside and the feeling that I CAN do this – what a difference!! Oh my – It was FUN!  I’m so excited that I actually had fun on a long Sunday bike ride!!

I’m looking forward to round #2 of the 10-week Auburn Cycling Training Group!


Auburn Century Training Group by Melinda Naye

I did the drills w/Dana today.  It was really great and I had a few cool ah-ha moments:

We rode down Shirland Tract which always hurts my hands, but I took Julie’s advice and tried to soften my arms and not have such a death grip on my handlebars and go figure; my hands didn’t hurt!

Also, we rode up Newcastle road from Auburn Folsom towards Indian Hill.  That road has a very gradual grade, but for some reason it has always felt like a huge climb – and this time it did not! I’m not sure why other than I focused on pedal stroke and as we had done our one legged drills, as prescribed in the century training plan, before we got to the road. It seemed my legs were much happier to be moving together again and so the road did not seem as much as challenging.

The SFR’s were great too – we did them up Indian Hill and now my legs are tired and happy to get a day off tomorrow.  Thanks so much for having this group – I’m feeling really positive about the changes that I’m already seeing happening!