Colene – Crushing It

A conversation with Colene Crowley, Rio Strada Racer, on foundation phase training in the o2fitness-Rio Strada team training group…

Colene-BP-critI am loving the training.  Despite the fact I do not do all of it.  Now, the rain!!!

I can really do and like a controlled, planned, training session, there is a defined start and finish and I can focus, conserve and prepare and check off the boxes as we progress through the session.   But if it is unknown. . .like a race, it is not so good, too many elements come into play that are not controlled, hmmm.  I will always try to work hard and perhaps that will motivate others to push even harder too, harden than they think they can.

I like the focus on the trunk stability, adjusting the hips, maximizing power, I know I need to work on my pedal stoke and high cadence.  High cadence really poops out my legs.    I also need to work on my pedal stroke, I am imagining those ovals, but executing, who knows?  Especially during the sprints.

Julie, you are the first cycling coach that I have worked with, but I have worked with coaches in other sports, and you are amazing, you are holistic, so well studied, and almost guru like.  Quite an admirable talent to have an share with others.  I am glad that our paths have crossed.

I do hope that you are able to share your talents with younger athletes too.