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I certainly had a lot to thank for this Thanksgiving! Last week, I learned that I will be part of the first legal internship program for the WNBPA for the spring semester 2023. I also discovered that my essay titled “Making Revolution Irresistible: Protecting Black Art” won first place in this year`s BESLA Law School scholarship writing competition. I was born and raised in New Orleans and went to Howard for my studies, so black art has always been a big part of my life. I am grateful and honoured to attend a law school that encourages me to pursue my passions. The intersection of entertainment and law is a very untraditional way, and UM has provided me with the capabilities and resources to navigate it. I look forward to continuing my legal studies at such an extraordinary institution. Definitely just the beginning, so back to dream hunting! #Blackgirlsdolaw #womeninsports #entertainmentindustry #entertainmentlaw #musiclaw #sportslaw What would you say to students considering an internship at WME? I am so excited to announce that I have accepted a summer internship at WME in its Beverly Hills office as a Business Intern! I am incredibly excited to gain first-hand experience in such an incredible company. Being a black woman interested in a career at the intersection of entertainment, sports, and law can be very intimidating. But God always gives you things at the perfect time. I know I want to be at the table in this industry, and this is the perfect place to teach me the skills I know I need to succeed in this field. I work hard to achieve all my dreams. And now I`m one step closer to being your next favorite entertainment and sports advocate! Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Manchester | J.D.

candidate Genevieve Graham is WME`s newest intern based in the Dubai office. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri in the United States, Gen lived in Muscat for a year before finally moving to Dubai to complete his studies. We immerse our selected interns in real and active projects from around the world so they can fully understand what it takes to be a pioneering engineer. Not only will you put your acquired key skills to the test, but you`ll also gain invaluable insights from our award-winning engineering teams. After graduating in April 2020, Gen will use his time at WME to gain valuable “real-world” experience at a leading engineering company, hoping to find his most comfortable position in the project pipeline. We`re tired of still having to ask for a seat at the table, so let`s make ours. Join a Zoom roundtable and Q&A session on the ins and outs of navigating during your 1L year with Black law students from across the country. Only 2% of lawyers are black women, let`s increase the 2%.

Panelist: Dominique Davillier Alexis Allen Ronelle Tshiela Zoom Link: Google Form link to submit questions: | P. Candidate| Howard University School of Law| Howard Law Ambassador Program Co-Chair I want to be part of creating buildings that people enjoy and where they can live their lives! Black 1L and Pre-Law Students – Join me and 3 other Black women from law schools across the country for a panel this Saturday on navigating the legal field as a Black woman: Surviving 1L! Only 2% of lawyers are black women. This is the first of many events we will be hosting to increase this number. Register here: Alexis Allen Dominique Davillier Ayanna Watkins JD/LLM candidate for University of Miami School of Law. “I`m really trying to figure out where I stand in the construction scene in Dubai. At WME, I want to learn the basics of the structural design process – from concept to construction to completion,” Geneviève said in a conversation with Chief Marketing Officer Bradly Holdsworth. With a strong academic background and a love of reading, Gen earned his first degree in English literature. Today, she focuses exclusively on civil engineering, as she studies at the American University of Dubai.

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