Return to Lacrosse

My son, Matt,  underwent surgery on his tibia that required he be  non weight bearing for eight weeks and no sports for six months.  Being a competitive lacrosse player, the idea of limited activity was not appealing for Matt, and he was eager to participate in anything he possibly could.  We were very disappointed that there was basically no therapy prescribed.  Range of motion was the only concern with the physician and once that was achieved there was no additional protocol.  Then we found Julie Young at o2fitness.  Julie started Matt on a strength program that was appropriate for his condition. He quickly accelerated and was super motivated by his progress.  He was really surprised when a physical therapist  from his gym tested his strength and was blown away by Matt’s level of condition four months post op.  At six months post op he has been assessed at a higher level of strength and functional movement than his non-injured teammates.  At his six month check up, Matt has been released to return to lacrosse and the doctor is amazed by his strength and level of condition.  We owe this to the o2fitness return to sport program.