Ready, Set…Ski and Shoot

Silver Sage sponsored, Far West Elite XC Ski Team member, and US Biathlon Development Group Member Patrick Johnson is in his final fall preparation phase, and will be on snow and racing within a few weeks.


Says Patrick “This time of year my shooting training primarily focuses on combination workouts, where I do high intensity running or roller skiing intervals combined with high intensity shooting. I’ve spent all summer working on the basics of shooting, to a point where 80-90% of the act of shooting is habit and needs minimal thought. When you come into shoot at 90% of your maximum heart rate, your mind will naturally be a bit foggy, so the fewer aspects of shooting that you have to consciously focus on, the better you’ll shoot. My current training is now focused on fine-tuning my shooting under high pressure and fatigue.”

If you are interested in trying out this challenging and exciting sport, Auburn Ski Club’s Winter Biathlon Program has weekly practices for all ages from December through March. Learn more at