Never Too Old to Improve!

I have always loved the outdoors, all forms of exercising including running and cycling.  Since moving to Auburn in 2010, my husband Dennis and I have been really enjoyed cycling.  When I decided it was time to step it up a little, I turned to Julie Young.  Some of my “cycling cistas” had taken her 10 week training program and loved it.  So when Carrie said she was setting up a semi private class, I jumped on board!  WOW!!  Only 5 weeks into the class, I see a definite improvement in the way I climb and handle the bike.  I also did a bike fit with Julie to insure I was positioned on the bike properly to get the most power from each pedal stroke and to insure proper alignment for comfort.  We made some adjustments to the bike and again WOW, I could immediately tell a difference in power when climbing.  Why do I keep talking about climbing…..well a small group are doing a tour thru the Colorado Rockies, “Ride the Rockies”, 7 days, 513 miles with about 20,000 feet of climbing.  I now feel better prepared than ever to tackle such a challenge at 55!!  The next 5 weeks of class will get me even stronger, physically and mentally.   Whether you are a beginner or seasoned cyclist, we can always improve and learn to enjoy the bike even more.  I now look forward to the challenge with no doubt iI will embrace the ride and enjoy every beautiful mountain pass!!

Betty Bennett