Rio Rider, Rexanne, Reflects

Below – Rexanne Hughes, Rio Strada Cycling team member, offers reflections on summer training plan and workouts…

Hi Julie-

Rex_IMG_3583-LI have thoroughly enjoyed training with you.  You have been so completely professional, encouraging, motivating, inspirational and insightful.  Before I started training with you, I was a bit doubtful of my abilities to race and train hard. In challenging bike rides or training, I would often tell myself, “I am not sure if I am capable.”    I  have gained so much confidence and fitness during our training.  Now, I just do it and don’t think twice about it.  Your encouraging words stuck to me like glue in our practice sessions along with the trainer rides during my clavicle recovery. You kept me motivated even when I didn’t want to get on the trainer. You prepared some great “meat and potato” workouts.  During recovery, never did I get down on my situation and kept a good attitude. You kept telling me that I would be surprised at my fitness when I could ride on the open road again.  I was anxious to see if you were right, and indeed you were correct,  I am back on the bike and I am stronger than ever.  Pretty amazing how effective those trainer workouts are!

As I have expressed to you, I have struggled with balancing being a mom, wife, friend and bike racer.  I know that I will never be a professional bike racer but glad that I have the opportunity to be competitive.

I think you are just fantastic and I couldn’t ask for a better coach.  All of the weekly training session, talks on the phone and the emails were invaluable.  You have always been available and always there to encourage me.  You have given me the confidence on a personal level and as a bike racer to overcome  issues and succeed. One of my most favorite things that you ever said to me was “Rex, you need to take your mom hat off in races, and  take control – act vs react.”   This not only applies to bike racing but in life lessons…Julie, your simply the best!