Lessons from the Masters (and I don’t mean Golf)

I still can’t wheelie,  but I did get to ride with  the 3X road cycling world champ himself, the inimitable Peter Sagan at the Sagan Dirt Fondo.  The off road section included gravel, lots of mud, rocky ascents/descents, and water crossings.  As a newer dirt rider,  I knew this course was likely to be challenging […]

Can you teach an old body new tricks? Evaluating metabolic efficiency one year later

Where I began Almost exactly a year ago, I did a metabolic efficiency (ME) test at Silver Sage Sports and Fitness Lab. In my blog last year, I discussed fuel sources and what the ME test evaluates, namely, it tells us how well our body utilizes fat versus carbohydrate as an energy source.   The […]

Performance Metabolic Efficiency Assessment

What is it and what can it do for you? by Paige Galeoto Like many of you, I’ve been riding and competing for many years (sometimes at a national level, often with friends on the local single track). And like many of you I have been winging it, using my experience and knowledge to try […]

Sometimes, it’s more than just listening to your body

Photography by Daphne Houghard Sian Turner Crespo grew up immersed in sports, from figure skating and field hockey to golf, tennis and cricket. As a young adult, she discovered competitive cycling and jumped into XTERRA races, qualifying for both the U.S. and World Championships in her first season in 2011. She quickly progressed in the […]

When Muscles Aren’t Firing Properly

Renee Elsdon Jacobs had been struggling with Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) for more than two years. This occurs when the iliotibial band, the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the knee, is tight or inflamed. Renee wasn’t sure what caused it, but it was creating tension in her […]

Maximize Your Off-Season

  Does off-season mean we hibernate and curl up in a comatose state on the couch with a bag of chips? Maybe not. Off-season provides an invaluable opportunity to give yourself a mental and physical hall pass from single sport focus structure. It is the time to step back and enjoy the opportunity of mental […]

Refining Your Power

For the last three and a half years, Jimmy Lockie has been participating in running races, triathlons and a half Iron Man. Now he’s set his sights on Ironman Canada, taking place in Whistler, BC in July 2017. While he’s had success, he hasn’t had the kind of results he was looking for. He started […]

Going with Your Strengths

Teal Stetson-Lee has been an athlete for most of her life, growing up as a Nordic ski racer in Durango, Colorado and participating in three Junior Olympics. At the age of 20, she discovered mountain biking and cyclocross. She won the 2009 Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals for Fort Lewis College and then joined the Professional Cal […]

Jumping Outside the Comfort Zone

A post by Lucie Oren, on keeping it fresh and fun by seizing new opportunities to continue to learn and improve. Enjoy the read… It is always good to try new things, wouldn’t you agree?  It keeps life exciting, interesting, fun, and challenging!  In my case, this “new thing” is not only seriously pushing my […]

The Science Behind Your Metabolism

Endurance athletes have a number of challenges when preparing for competition. There is the sheer volume of training hours required for a four to six-hour event, but also how to manage intensity and fueling during workouts. Not surprisingly, performance is directly related to how well athletes understand their bodies’ metabolism and fueling needs, during training […]

Who Needs A Bike Fit?

A blog post by Laurie Marlowe on the value of a bike fit.  As an avid cyclist and a physical therapist, I fully appreciate the importance of a well-fitting bicycle.  In fact I’ve been meaning to get around to having a professional bike fitting for my Cervelo R5 for some time now. A bad experience […]

Running is a Whole Body Sport

Interest in running recreationally and competitively is experiencing a meteoric rise.  The starting place for many interested in becoming a more serious runner is often a shoe store. Budding runners will invest in a new pair of running shoes believing the shoes will improve performance and prevent injury. Purchasing shoes sometimes includes a “gait analysis” […]