Apex Legal Trade Scam

Apex Trading Investment claims that traders are just beginning the journey to ground trading in retirement. They claim that their training material is designed so that all levels of traders can learn and grow. Traders have access to step-by-step courses, dynamic questions and answers via the forum, live rooms, live webinars and Apex Live. This is a 100% scam. Without knowing it, I was billed twice on the same day and sent an email with the following: 1. 50K 10 Contracts 1x$167.00 $180.78 ———————————————– Subtotal $167.00 Taxes (8.250%) $13.78 Total $180.78 ———————————————– $36.16 for the first 30 days, then $180.78 for the 30 days It was really hard to convince me to invest with apexlegaltrade as I had several unsuccessful investment attempts until I came to apexlegtrade and it was really amazing to read our Apex Auto Trade review, to see why we do NOT recommend this broker for trading. Just to dispel doubts, this is a apexautotrade.com review. The Apex Auto Trade review is actually a pleasure for us, and we hope to prevent as many people as possible from losing their hard-earned money. A good rule of thumb is to carefully check all Forex companies and any other companies before making any trade. We hope our Apex Auto Trade review has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or need advice on the withdrawal process, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. If you wish to trade, please do so with a trusted and regulated broker by selecting one of the brokers listed below.

More and more importers rely online on information about the company they are trading with, and transactions are carried out without physical communication. This invites fraud associated with money and delivery of inferior products. We help you avoid any possibility of fraud by conducting a thorough examination after agreement of both parties. “I`m not going to lie, I thought it was a scam from the beginning, I just wanted to test my luck, but honestly, I was surprised to see that it`s by no means a scam. Since I started trading here, I have made a whole range of returns on profits, thanks apexlegaltrade. Apexautotrade and waltonchase are one of the largest rogue brokers in the Urrency crypto industry. They cheated on me by over $100,000. Please stay away from them The company offers a trading bot that they believe will help you capture trades in time instead of chasing fast markets. The bot comes out for $597 for a single computer license and $750 for a dual-computer license. I`ve been using them for a month, it`s a complete scam. I froze my review account several times just before reaching my goal on the review account, only to deal with terrible customer service (you won`t let them talk).

To reset the account a few days later and have the profit at zero. I gave them the advantage of doubt because they are new, but it was my fault. They won`t fund you even if you follow all the rules and don`t even get close to your end withdrawal, and then they ignore you once you get it. The only positive videos and reviews are people sponsored by them, it`s a scam!! They believe that all these features will take you from beginner level to an experienced trader in no time. Apex Investing claims to have over 26,000 community traders made by traders for traders. They believe that these merchants are truly engaged, participate in the community and get the most out of it. In recent years I have joined Apexlegaltrade, I have achieved most of my dreams. Use the proceeds of my investment with them. I am happy to scam the arbitraging.co website, which is a fraudulent cryptographic website provided to you by arbitraging.co. They have a history of exit fraud Apex trading investments provide no indication that they are a regulated company.

We cannot verify whether they are allowed to conduct financial transactions with the public. All unregulated businesses operate illegally, and it`s unclear what they`re willing to do to get your money. Regulators of foreign companies to ensure that they are legal and that the public is safe. When it comes to digital marketing, there are a lot of reviewers who talk about a good game, but apexlegaltrade helps you get there. They empowered me, coached me and gave me the confidence to share the story of Wealth Horizon as a whole. He engages customers and industry commentators and brings great results to our new business. This is a scam show that is currently under investigation by the UK`s Action Fraud Agency and the National Intelligence Fraud Bureau.