2008 Vw Golf Gti P Plate Legal

High-performance vehicles have higher acceleration and performance than other vehicles. The more power a vehicle`s engine has relative to its weight, the more acceleration it can offer. To find out which vehicles you can and cannot drive, use the P1 and P2 vehicle search. Search for P1 and P2 vehicles Temporary P1 licence holders and temporary P2 licence holders are not allowed to drive high-performance vehicles which: This page provides P1 or P2 test licence holders with a number of frequently asked questions about prohibited vehicles. For more information, see Definitions of prohibited vehicles. The high-performance vehicle restriction applies to all P1 and P2 NSW driver`s license holders, even if they are traveling between states. Find out what exceptions are available to drive a prohibited test vehicle (PPV) while you`re on your Ps. Learn the rules for vehicles that are prohibited for testing, which vehicles are prohibited, exceptions are available, and answers to frequently asked questions. If you are looking for one of these vehicles, please contact us by phone at 13 22 13 or by email. If an exemption is granted, you must bring the exemption letter issued by Transport for NSW with you when driving the vehicle. An exception to the condition of the prohibited vehicle applies if: Learn more about the vehicles you can and cannot drive on your Ps. You can use any combination of the following vehicle details for research: If you are unsure of a vehicle`s specifications, you can: If you have a provisional P1 or P2 driver`s license and want to check if you are licensed to drive a particular vehicle, you can do so online. Transport for NSW defines a high-performance vehicle as one that: Note: You must notify Transport for NSW within 14 days if circumstances have changed that affect your exemption.

This also applies if you no longer need the exception or if the exception letter needs to be replaced. Additional charges may apply. Some vehicles may not appear in the search or may be listed as “for verification”. This is because they can be older, newly released or niche vehicles. If you have to drive a prohibited vehicle, you can apply for an exemption. Exceptions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Indeed, prohibited vehicles pose a high risk to drivers on their Ps. If you`re on your red or green P, there are certain vehicles you can`t drive. Find out what the rules are. Prohibited vehicles – also known as “high-performance vehicles” – cannot be driven by drivers with a P1 or P2 driving licence.