• Lifestyle Metabolic Efficiency Assessment

    Are you looking to drop a few pounds, or maybe more than a just a few pounds?   Watching what you eat and exercising are obviously critical for your success.   However, we see too many people either working out aerobically, too hard or too easy.  This test is an abbreviated protocol of our Performance Metabolic Efficiency Assessment and is ideal for people who want to maximize their body’s fat burning potential.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate

    There is no getting around it: losing weight is hard work. We get fat by putting in more calories than our bodies can burn off.  Knowing your own resting metabolic rate allows us to give you an idea of how many calories a day you should be eating to both stay active and healthy while losing weight.

Cyclist Performance Field Testing

List of endurance sports who benefit from this testing:

  • runners
  • trail runners
  • recreational bike riders
  • road bike racers
  • cyclocross racers
  • mountain bikers
  • triathletes
  • nordic skiers
  • mountain climbers
  • swimmers