• VO2Max Testing

    Using our ParvoMedic True One Vo2Max testing, we can measure how your body is using particular energy sources and can approximate your VO2 max as well your lactate threshold to determine your individual heart rate training zones. Science-based, determined heart rate zones will provide the training tools to allow you to more effectively reach your fitness goals.

  • Performance Metabolic Efficiency Assessment

    We are excited to introduce this new cutting edge testing protocol to Northern Nevada endurance athletes.   If your goals races are 4-6 plus hours, this testing will provide the specific heart rate, power and/or pace to further focus your workouts and maximize your training investment.

  • Lactate Testing

    Lactate threshold testing is arguably the most important predictor of performance in endurance events and is widely considered to be the gold standard used to determine optimal training plans.

  • Resting Metabolic Rate

    There is no getting around it: losing weight is hard work. We get fat by putting in more calories than our bodies can burn off.  Knowing your own resting metabolic rate allows us to give you an idea of how many calories a day you should be eating to both stay active and healthy while losing weight.

Cyclist Performance Field Testing

List of endurance sports who benefit from this testing:

  • runners
  • trail runners
  • recreational bike riders
  • road bike racers
  • cyclocross racers
  • mountain bikers
  • triathletes
  • nordic skiers
  • mountain climbers
  • swimmers