Law Enforcement and Police Vocabulary Word List

Of course, this list of police words does not claim to be exhaustive. However, what it does is highlight some of the keywords you need to know. Remember that as part of the police exam, you must be proficient in spelling and vocabulary definition. You also need to understand the words in a broader context. This is regularly checked during the police check. The biggest challenge for candidates when applying to the police is testing the terminology and vocabulary of law enforcement authorities. Indeed, there are no defined terminologies that must be memorized by the quiz department. To prepare, you need to come up with words that you think are standard police terms. You need to read a lot as it improves your reading skills and expands your language.

It would be great if your reading resources were related to law enforcement, such as: Newspapers, articles about criminal schemes, or police department websites in general. In many exams, you will be asked vocabulary questions that you should not understand. This is often done to verify and ensure that no fraud is taking place. If you answer all the questions correctly, you may be worried about having a copy of the answer or questions. Examples include possible medical or legal terms. If you get all the right answers, they`ll take a closer look at your background. If you don`t have the training or experience that would explain why you know these words, administrators may be concerned that you will cheat on the exam. Here, we`ve compiled 10 questions about some of the most common enforcement vocabularies you`ll encounter. 4) Don`t worry about unfamiliar words from the exam To familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of the police written exam, we have compiled some sample questions and a glossary of police terms. Let`s say you`ve decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.

First of all, you should know that you need to pass several tests to determine if you have the physical abilities, critical thinking, psychological strength and knowledge to become a police officer. Tests include written exams, interviews, physical strength tests, psychological checks, and background checks. The written exam is the first step on this scale. If you prove yourself in this part, it will be easier for you to go through the following steps. Ask a friend to read several words aloud and practice spelling them out and writing down their meanings. Ask them to check and practice spelling the wrong word several times. It sounds boring, but it`s one of the best ways to learn spelling and learn vocabulary. You can highlight terms based on how often they appear in the written English language via the menu below. Frequency data is extracted from the English Wikipedia corpus and updated regularly. If you`re only interested in the direct semantic similarity of words to the font, then it`s probably not necessary. That`s pretty much every police-related word we have! I hope this list of police terms has been helpful to you in some way.

The words at the bottom of the list are associated with the font in some ways, but perhaps weak (if you`ve currently sorted it by relevance). If you have any feedback for the site, please share it here, but please note that this is just a hobby project, so I may not be able to make regular updates to the site. Have a nice day! 🐯 As part of the police officer examination, candidates must have a thorough knowledge of police vocabulary. To help you, we`ve compiled the top 50 police vocabulary you need to know. A must for police control. It is not enough to know the definitions – what they mean – but also how these words are written. But this process takes time. Don`t expect much improvement in the next few days.

Rather, it`s a long-term shift in your approach to vocabulary and reading comprehension. You help yourself with common detective phrases. In addition, we have compiled vocabulary and study guidelines that can be used as a reference for preparing for the written police exam. Keep reading the article to learn more about law enforcement terms and definitions. Of course, reading is really the best tool. The more you read, the more new words you learn. It`s even better if the resources you`re reading are somehow related to police or law enforcement. The scammer ordered the officer to change his behaviour ___ A challenge of the police exam is spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

It`s hard because there`s not “a list” of words to memorize, not a set of topics to study. It`s all a bit vague – and it also depends on your critical thinking skills. It is often a matter of chance. In some police training tests you get high scores, in others not so high. This means that candidates should cast the widest possible net – read, read and yes – read – in order to learn as many words as possible, in their own context and within the standards expected in the police audit. Here are some of the questions from the written police exam. Police vocabulary is an important part of your written police exam. Did you find that helpful? Access your personal dashboard and learn everything you need to know about the written police exam, including Top 350 vocabulary, spelling, math, reading comprehension, and incident report writing. With a 92% success rate, your online policing course is there for you. Below is a huge list of police words, i.e.

words that refer to the police. The first 4 are: military, patrolman, sheriff and gendarme. You can get the definition(s) of a word from the list below by tapping the question mark icon next to it. The words at the top of the list are the ones most associated with the font, and as you go down, the relationship decreases. By default, words are sorted by relevance/kinship, but you can also get the most common font terms using the menu below, and there`s also the option to sort words alphabetically so you can get font words that start with a specific letter. You can also filter the word list to show only words that also refer to another word of your choice. For example, you can type “military” and click “filter”, and you will get words related to the police and military.