Killeen Legal Aid Family Law

If you can`t find legal aid and pro bono services in your area, or if you`re not eligible for their services, you may want to consider Killeen Private Practice Family Lawyers. In some cases, such as domestic violence, forced evictions, or service of court documents, you may need immediate legal help. Please contact us immediately. When our answering machine picks you up, please let us know if it is safe to call you back or leave you a message. We will arrange a time to speak when it is safe for you. All conversations are confidential. Our mission is to ensure equal justice for all Texans by educating, empowering and representing vulnerable people while reshaping the broader legal system that affects us all. All clients must meet the eligibility criteria for financial and legal status. Another resource for low-income people is

The organization has established a network for low-income individuals who need legal services. To use their services, a minimum access to a computer and the Internet is required. After entering some details specific to your needs, options and resources are provided with phone numbers and/or locations. We serve 72 counties in Texas and 4 in Arkansas by offering free advocacy, legal advocacy, and community building services that ensure equal access to justice. Similar to preparedness and recovery after a hurricane, earthquake or wildfire, individuals may face legal issues related to health care, economic stability, safe and healthy housing, public services, employment, environmental justice, domestic violence, and discrimination due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lone Star Legal Aid will continue to work on critical issues on behalf of our client community, through our individual client representation and systemic advocacy. We help Texans access health care, security, stability, housing, government benefits and employment. All TLSC services are free of charge. Emergency rooms are accepted during business hours. You can also call us.

Here you will find the LSLA office that serves the county where you live. We only work on civil cases and do not deal with criminal cases. For other languages, Interpeter is available on request. Unless there is a special program, clients must generally be at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. This is measured by your household`s gross monthly income relative to the size of your household. Public access to a computer and the Internet is available at most public libraries. COVID-19 Changes: Lone Star Legal Aid is available and accepting online applications for all of its offices. We hope that our customer community is safe and able to cope well in these ever-changing and uncertain times.

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 and coronavirus pandemic throughout our service area and Lone Star Legal Aid`s work will continue with all virtual operations. This means that we work from home and are not reachable in our offices. Client applications are reviewed based on financial eligibility and other requirements. Clients who are unsure if they are eligible for our services can call the office at the phone number below. You can also call our toll-free number at 1-800-733-8394. You can use either method to complete an application so that Lone Star Legal Aid can determine if you are eligible for services. Families in Crisis, Inc. (254) 634-1184PO Box 25Killeen, TX 76540Family and Domestic Violence All of our clients have low incomes. Many are women and children. Some are victims of domestic violence who need help to escape violence and remain non-violent. Others are residents with disabilities who need housing assistance, some need help applying for food stamps or applying for Medicaid, Medicare or SSI. Our selection process is designed to prioritize clients whose issues are life-changing or threatening.