Jumping Outside the Comfort Zone

A post by Lucie Oren, on keeping it fresh and fun by seizing new opportunities to continue to learn and improve. Enjoy the read…

It is always good to try new things, wouldn’t you agree?  It keeps life exciting, interesting, fun, and challenging!  In my case, this “new thing” is not only seriously pushing my comfort zones, but it’s also helping me to improve my bike handling skills.  If you ask me, that’s a double “win!”

It’s called off-roading!  It started last fall with cycle cross.  The first time I watched a local race, I thought there is no way I’m brave enough to try that!  Then I did my first clinic.  I thought it was crazy, but also thought “Why not?  Why not just go for it and see what happens!”  Well, I was hooked!  I did a few local races, met new friends, and couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried this new sport earlier. 


Fast forward to this Spring…as I’m watching some my friends and teammates race and ride MTB I have that thought once again…”Why not?”  Never mind the bruises I see on their arms and legs or the occasional broken bone, why not just get over my fears and go for it.  So, I did.  Holy cow!  The people, beautiful trails, no traffic, encouragement from friends, and swooping single tracks are priceless!  Notice I didn’t mention the rocks…yeah, the rocks.  They scare the heck out of me and I have fallen during every bike demo I have done thus far, but I refuse to give up.  With the help from my friends, I will keep practicing those tricky rocks!  Get out of your usual routine and/or comfort zone and try something new!  I’m sure glad I did!