Biomechanical Evaluation


    Walkers, hikers and runners will benefit by refining technique, maximizing efficiency and preventing chronic overuse injuries. Following a strength and flexibility assessment, and a video capture session on the treadmill or at the track, Dartfish video analysis software is employed to analyze your gait, from the sagittal, frontal and posterior views,  frame-by-frame – focusing on hip and knee flexion/extension, torso angle, pelvis stability, hip adduction, knee valgus/varus, and ankle eversion.

  • Pro Bike Fit

    In order to improve your performance on the bike, it is critical to tailor the  frame and positional componentry to your unique physiology. In order to help you achieve the most anatomically sound and biomechanically efficient fit, Silver Sage Sports Performance Center offers a systematic approach to this traditionally subjective process.